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Gaya is a local COFFEE BRAND WITH A DREAM OF CREATING sustainability IN COFFEE. 

The Origin

Gaya is the zulu word for grind. It also has a double meaning. Gaia, in Greek mythology is the personification of the earth. Gaya was established in the year 2021 with the vision of creating a coffee brand that is aspirational yet attainable. Gaya aims to bridge the gap between specialty coffee and commercial coffee, a coffee that can be enjoyed by both casuals and connoisseurs.

Signature Blend

Gaya was born to introduce coffee to people who have been turned off by the pretentious coffee snobs of the world. Our motto is “The Flavor of Africa in every cup” so our signature blend comprises mostly of roasts from Tanzania with a touch of South American coffee, Brazil to be exact, to add that chocolaty taste.

Easy Brew

250G Bag

Meet The Team


Having been born and raised in Durban, It was only in 2018 that Msizi traded tea for coffee and has never looked back. He moved to Johannesburg in 2017 and was introduced to “good” coffee by friends who are in the coffee business themselves. From then he was hooked. He quickly developed an interest for the business side of coffee too. He has always been someone who believes in combining passion with business, and it was in 2020 that he took the leap of faith and combined his passion for people, coffee and good food when he opened up his first of many Cafes, From Ground Up Cafe. The obvious step from there was to start a coffee brand and now here we are.


Angela was born in Durban KZN and born into her love for coffee. She is a graphic designer by trade, but a creative at heart. No job is too small or too big, as long as it is powered with coffee! Her love for coffee, mixed with her passion to succeed in life, topped with the love of branding led her down this path of creating Gaya with fiance, Msizi James.

Partner With Us

We aim to build trust, improve quality and foster transparency. We are relationship driven so if this sounds like your cafe, restaurant, hotel or office building, we invite you to join us in this journey to coffee perfection. Every cup matters.

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